Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I eat a banana a day, usually for lunch. I see they (Chiquita) have spiced up there stickers a bit. One says "Zero fat zero sodium." Well ok I guess, I mean I would hope so. It is kind of like buying a bag of potato chips and having them say "sugar free". I get it, but it is besides the point is it not?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

They Are Coming

I can't help but look at what we are doing (getting ready to have my wife's brother and his family over for a short... less than a week stay) and wonder why we go through so much trouble. Everybody goes through it. The cleaning, the shampooing the carpets, the lawn has to look just so, everything has to look new, bright, clean, manicured... for what? So they can dirty it? I'm being facetious, but really why put yourself though it all? Still I do it just like everyone else... I'm so happy to see you... because our carpets needed cleaning anyway. Family, you have to love `em.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

You Need What?

My five-year-old said something the other day that was so funny... me and my wife have been repeating it constantly. We heard this over the baby monitor, which she knows is there, but it kind of gets forgotten about, until something like this happens. What did she say? Well she said  "I need nose medicine" but she was kind of singing it like a robot. Over and over and over again. Now she wishes she didn't sing it, but I keep telling her that we keep mocking her because we love her and it really is pretty funny. We did get her some medicine by the way...